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Countdown Calendar


I cannot be more happy that the school year is almost over. This has been a really rough year – teaching and divorce-wise. So, I am not going to dwell on that. I am going to look to the future!!!! Since I do not use my classroom for teaching any more, it is now my sanctuary. I have this big expanse of bulletin board and decided to put it to use. I covered most of it with this craft paper I got at Ikea – sort of newsprint, but smoother. Then, I purchased a whole variety of large, lined Post-It notes and made a three-month calendar.

I put the months from right to left, I know. I put a lot of thought into the layout. The month of March was extended day month. Because of the days we missed because of the freakish snow and ice storms, we had to add an hour to the school day on Monday through Thursday. Fridays, we used our “normal” schedule. I used four different colors of turquoise blue to differentiate between A Days, B Days, Fridays, and weekends and holidays.


As I cleared out my classroom, I put up pictures and other ephemera to brighten things up. Yes, color also played a part in the choice. There is the faculty group picture, the mission statement, and some origami circles I made. I found the “tie-dye” paper in a science book.

1-IMG_5742I loved April – it began with Spring Break!!! It was a tough month after that, though, with CRCT testing – I got to spend 4 1/2 hours a day with my advisement class AND keep them quiet during and after testing. I used one of a gorgeous packet of napkins that I could not resist buying at Party City. It is mostly covered up now, but the green and purple in the flowers were perfect. I also put my Distroller notebook cover and bookmark up there, along with my Marietta bumper sticker and covers from catalogs.1-IMG_5743 Now it is MAY!!! Finally!!!! I love my bright sunny colors. The napkin in the bottom right is also an acquisition from Party City. It has my favorite colors and roses! The Kind Heart is from the Penzey’s catalog, the loteria cards are from my Zarela collection, and the balloon, I had been keeping around for a long time and finally used it. I put up BAM! and Taste Life, because my reward for making it through this hellish year is Memorial Day weekend in NEW ORLEANS!!!!

P.S. – I also made a Post-It calendar and put it up on the wall of my bathroom – one month at a time. I record my weight each day and make notes of anything I need to remember. It’s a little bit humid in there, but things stayed up just fine.