Entry Number One for NCS Juried Show

oasis: collage with rice paper and magazine images

oasis: collage with rice paper and magazine images

Last night, I did a little last minute work on an entry for the National Collage Society’s Juried Show.  I removed the piece from its frame, because the glass on the frame got cracked in transport.  Then, I stood it up at eye level and used my husband’s digital camera and tripod to take my pictures.  Of course, I still could not use a flash, because it reflected off of the magazine paper.

Then, I downloaded it to my computer and adjusted the light and color with Picasa and then Adobe Photoshop.  I was able to send my entries digitally, along with the entry form, which I scanned.  Then, I paid my fee via PayPal.  It was a lot of work, but much less stressful than mailing it.

I started this piece a couple of years ago on white sketchpad paper.  I was experimenting with including geometric shapes in my collage designs.  I love Oriental carpets, and collect pictures of them – many of my collages incorporate at least one element from a rug.  I also love frames and framing elements.

When I was looking around for entries in the Blue Ridge Gallery Show this past summer, my mother suggested that I work with this piece.  Like I said, I started out with a white background – I don’t know why.  We decided it needed something in the background, so I chose this beautiful handmade paper I found at Sam Flax.

In order to incorporate the new background, I had to painstaking remove all of the elements and replace them on top of the paper.  Of course, I took a picture of the original before I took it apart. I was able to keep the framed elements together and only damaged a few of the Oriental rug “tiles”.  Fortunately, I was able to find more pictures of those patterns and to replace the torn pieces.

All in all, the piece is (I think) 16 inches by 20 inches – the largest I’ve made.  I had it framed (my talented mother did the matting) in a beautiful bright brushed gold frame.  It looked great hung at the Blue Ridge Show, and I hope that it will place in this show.

The National Collage Society show will be at Mason Murer Gallery in the Atlanta area.  It is supposed to be a really large space, and we are fortunate to have the show in our area.  I think that the decisions about placing will be made by mid-September and that the show will run from mid-October to December 31.


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