Vintage El Valiente – New Design


wordpresselvaliente I spent last night creating this new design for my CafePress Shop.  This is a pretty unique version of El Valiente (The Brave One) from a vintage loteria game.  I had to clean up the colors first – the images are pretty murky.

I am trying to refine my formula for these images so that they are more standard. I basically have five sizes I put up right now, because the posters have different proportions.  The files are maybe too big, because I want the best resolution possible.

That means that uploading them to CafePress to store in my image bank is a big pain in the behind.  It takes forever.  Last night, I crashed all of our computers trying to upload while watching a streaming video on Amazon Unboxed.  My husband was watching Hulu.  I didn’t know that we couldn’t do all of that at once.

So today, I had to try at least 5 times to upload things this afternoon.  I realized that I could not upload all five at one time, so I split it up into 3 separate uploads.  During each one, I had to go away from the computer and do something:  take a shower, clean the kitchen, write some e-mails on another computer…

After I got the the images in my Image Basket, I set up a section in the Vintage Loteria section of the Maison Celeste shop.  I have some product set defaults, but I still have to make some adjustments of layout and size and color.  Then, voila!  Done.  Check it out!

I have to mention that, while I was working on this design, I happened to be watching the third season of Dexter – there are many El Valientes in that show!

It is true that CafePress is still messing around with our commissions, but until I can find a viable alternative.  I am thinking about buying some and selling them on EBay…


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