My Husband cleans house!


Dear Folks:

On Monday I spent 9 hours steam-cleaning our carpets with a rented Rug Doctor, which I got at Kroger.

The Stanley Steemer web site has a quick quote widget which indicated that they would charge us $283 plus tax to steam clean our carpets for us. This is due to our having a three-story house with two carpeted staircases. I’m guessing their actual bill would have been larger than that.

The Rug Doctor, on the other hand, was $28 for 24 hours, plus $18 for detergent (which is where they make their money, I’m sure).

I did virtually all the work myself. As you know, practically everything in our house is carpeted. Doing the stairs with the attachment hose took a very long time. I also needed the attachment hose, and working down on my knees, to do all the edges and corners around the baseboards everywhere, and to do extra spot cleaning on stained areas–which we have a lot of, what with the large dogs that have lived with us.

I did not move any large furniture items or bookshelves, except for one sofa and the dining room table. I cleaned exposed floor, but I only did part of our two offices, because it would just have taken too much time to move everything out of the way and then replace it. I also steam cleaned that enormous old gold-colored area rug that we have in our dining room. It looks rejuvinated.

It was hard work, but it was quite gratifying to pour out the gallons and gallons of dark, dirty water dredged up from the carpets.

This action was the latest in our massive cleaning binge, which includes discarding bushels of stuff we have lying around that we realize we’ll never use. Extensive vacuuming was done beforehand, of course, and I am now committed to grooming the dog twice a week and bathing her monthly. It’s a necessary preventive measure that we have heretofor neglected. We are also saving money because for now we are not paying the doggie groomer $65 every two or three months to shear the dog.

Celeste may even cajole me into repainting the bathrooms. I already want to do some spot-repainting on worn areas on lower walls in various high-traffic areas like the staircases.

The inside of our house is so shockingly darn clean that we urge you all to visit it soon lest it sink back into its dingy, fur-encrusted earlier state. And we realize that we have an awful lot of nice pictures sitting in closets that have never been hung on our walls. We need to attend to that also.

You can check out his blog at  – he writes about learning classical guitar when he is not being domestic and/or working.

Today I braved the Public Transportation System (MARTA) to meet my sister at the Atlanta Airport for dinner.  Whew!


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