Art Show in Blue Ridge


IMG_1043-1Having two computers can be a pain sometimes – photos may be on my laptop that are not on my desktop two floors down.  I have done my latest posting downstairs, so that is why this is a little late.

I am recently participating in the Atlanta Collage Society Show at the Blue Ridge Mountains Art Association gallery in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  This picture was one that I finished just for the show – it’s called Oasis.  It is a large piece, at least for me: I think it is 24 by 30 inches framed.

I had three other pieces entered in the show, including Montgolfier, A Winged Mother, and Lost My Head.  Blue Ridge is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours north of Atlanta, and I visited twice.  My husband and I went to the opening reception on June 27, and then my moIMG_1048-1ther and I went a couple of days later when she was off work.

I have to say that I owe this show to my Mom.  She is the one who goaded me to refine the above collage by adding a different background.  She also went with me to Sam Flax to pick out frames and mats for the two pictures that needed framing.  Then, she cut my mats and framed them.  She’s like the Martha Stewart of Atlanta – but don’t tell her that.  She can do about anything!

I brought some cupcakes to the show for the reception – I will post pictures of that later.  I basically did a variation on my Oreo Cookie Cupcakes, but this time I used mini Oreos to make mini cupcakes.  More later.


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