Like I need a hole in the head…


What I do when I am bored is surf the internet.  My typical search words –  if I don’t have anything pressing that I want to research at the time – are ones that come up with images or loteria items.  In my computer – my laptop, mostly – I have stored examples of loteria decks from many sources.  Some are vintage cards and old decks from Mexico.  A goldmine of examples can be fDressSDLoteria2ound at, where Josh (also a blogger) has posted many decks in jpeg. format.

I also have found numerous works of art inspired by the Loteria.  Some artists have created a deck of all 54 cards in their own style.  Others have done larger works, and have not made it through the entire deck (yet?).  Since I have also been working on my own loteria series (or two or three…), this interests me to no end.  I love seeing what other artists have done.

So, i had a thought last night – what if I started another blog (see? crazy!) that is only about Loteria?  I have a LOT of material, and if I could get an interview with the individual artists, that would be cool, too.  I also have found some awesome clothing and fabrics that are based on Loteria.

The featured photo is a gorgeous Goth doll dress (OR a gorgeous loteria dress on a Goth-looking doll…) at  Isn’t it marvelous?  I am familiar with the Alexander Henry fabric, but I love what the dress designer has done with the corset!  It must be a shrunk-down photocopied version on fabric – iron on, maybe?  I just love it – and I don’t have a doll to put it on!  There’s even a tiny purse to go with it!

Another option would be to feature something about loteria one day a week on my blog – like Loteria Lunes…  Hey, like TODAY is Monday (lunes, in Spanish)!  What a coincidence.  By the way, if you love this fabric, it may be hard to find.  You might join the crusade of Bell Pepper Fabrics:  they are trying to get together a large enough order to convince the AH people to make more of this fabric.  Go Here to find out more.


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