NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)


Well, I just signed up for National Blog Posting Month, and already I am annoyed. On the site is a cute little badge that I am supposed to be able to stick somewhere. But the HTML is wonky. BAhhhh. I did get it shared with my Facebook friends, but it still didn’t look like the badge.

How am I going to write every day? I certainly have the time, but sometimes I don’t have the motivation. Sometimes, I get so involved “researching” my topic that I run out of steam – but I eventually post that info a couple of days later. I also want to upload more photos, but I have two computers, and sometimes I’m not blogging on the computer with the pictures I want to use. I know: excuses, excuses.

Right now, I am in the middle of re-organizing my studio. It takes up the whole bottom floor of our three story townhome, including the garage (that garage had not held a car in years!). Since it’s summertime, and since I have been reading the latest Studios Magazine (put out quarterly by the people who publish Cloth, Paper, Scissors), I am inspired. I have weeded out old magazines, rearranged some storage, and taken note of the many art supplies I need to make use of. Keeping me company are my dog and my video downloads from Amazon UnBoxed.

Today, of course, I am going over to my mother’s place for Fourth of July, so I am prepping to make a potato salad. Fun!

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