La Vibora


I am waiting for us to go and see Jonathan Coulton at the Variety Playhouse.  I have gotten some things done today, despite my exhaustion from packing up my room and doing ESOL record keeping for the past 4 days.  Tomorrow, I am going to the John C. Campbell Folk School for a week-lonlavibora9by12g workshop on printmaking.

Later:  The Jonathan Coulton show rocked!  Paul and Storm, formerly of DaVinci’s Notebook, opened the show.  They are hysterical, but my husband pointed out that their act is 7o percent patter and 3o percent music.  I thought they would NEVER end their act – they have this pirate song, and all of the audience was saying “AAARRRR(G)!  without end.  They do have a fun bit about fighting nuns – I have to find that on YouTube.  Yep, the link is above.  Here are the lyrics – you don’t have to be Catholic to find this hysterical.

Jonathan Coulton went on a little late, but he still played a long set – we left before the encores.  After the Zombie Song, of course!  His stuff is great.  It’s not just joke music, like Ray Stevens.  It’s soulful!

The image to the right is one of my newer Vintage Loteria designs.  I love how I made that old viper look pretty!  Check it out at my CafePress Shop!


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