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I had another question the other day about Distroller franchises.  Now, I apt9687have no contact with Amparin Serrano, nor with anyone who works for Distroller.  But that one post I made two years ago about the company is one of the most read in my blog.  I get both coherent and incoherent comments left on my blog, mostly in Spanish.

It seems that the people at Distroller have gotten no more efficient at answering all of the inquiries fired at them by interested licensees.  Maybe they don’t need the money…  I did notice that more stores have opened in Mexico, and there are now two in the United States:  one in Miami and one in Los Angeles.

For those people interested in franchising, I would suggest that you try calling one of the U. S. stores.  See if you can get any information from them.  Here is their information:

DOWNEY, CA 90241
TEL: (562) 923-8800

TEL: (305) 365-3939

Good luck on that!  Also, I visited the Distroller website and found it completely re-vamped.  Really beautiful, and with new products, too.  I particularly loved the new books by A. Serrano and Marta Anchustegui.  They are written by Anchustegui and illustrated by Serrano.  The titles look definitely interesting.  Topics include body image, familial abuse, cancer, and alcoholism.  The new website is called Sopa de Letras.

Bety Ballena

Bety Ballena

I guess you can figure out what issues Bety has…

I think that the biggest attraction to the whole Distroller phenomenon is the awesome imagination of its creator, Amparin Serrano.  Who else would make premature baby dolls a hot item?  There are all sorts of medicines and nostrums to feed and care for the “neonato” – and the umbilical cord is prominent.  For those that are uncomfortable with newborn humans, there are also animals (Leonato and Monato – lion and monkey).  “Los viruses” are little disease dollies that are the “enemies” of the Neonatos.

Other options for buying Distroller are Ebay auctions.  There is a lot of piracy, however, so be forewarned.


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  1. Thanks for the info. I just read your new blog. I’m only about 15 to 20 miles away from Downey so I may have to take a drive down there.

    I, also, have not had any luck with a response from destroller.

    Thanks again.

  2. hello!!! i luv distroller and i’m really but realy glad somebody that speaks english knows from this store!!! wow!!! i’m really surprised!!!! because when i ask to my friends or people that live in the UNITED STATES they are all like “what????????????????” and i’m all like omg!!!! it’s incredible that they don’t know this store!!!! it’s in los angeles!!! if everybody knew bout this store they would be dying 4 everythin there!!!!

    • Well let me tell you that i felt the same way, when I talked to my friends about it. Unless they were from DF or Guadalajara, they had no clue what I was talking about! So…I decided to start selling them myself here is the UNITED STATES. Please check out my Facebook page “Mi Virgencita Plis” or my Ebay Store “Mi Virgencita Plis”

    • Go to the shops at Sunset Place, second floor, there’s a great Distroller store. I was there today! If you go, leave something for me because I’m going back!!!!

  3. Ive been obsessed with and have been wanting to obtain these bracelets for a while now.
    I cant seem to navigate the site very well given my poor grasp on the Spanish language and I only get to LA around once or twice a year.

  4. i hear all the odds distroller and stuff but are you talking about the distroller with dolls and stuffed animals and its in mexico

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