Loteria Cupcake Picks


img_0382I made these cupcake picks a couple of months ago, but wanted to wait until I had the pictures just right to put them up on my blog.  That meant making cupcakes, of course.  Last time, I made green lime jello cakes with coconut icing – I knew that it would look great with the picks.  But, alas, I didn’t set up the camera in time and they got eaten! 😉

I made pina colada cupcakes this time.  They turned out a little pudding-y because they collapsed, but I filled it in with icing and coconut.  They taste fine, too.  Then, I did the photo shoot up right, setting up the background, and using the tripod for the camera.  At least I got something done this weekend!

So, how did I make them?  I came up with the idea because I thought they would look cute at a Loteria-themed party.  I have all sizes of Loteria games, from the giant size to the regular size to the mini pinata filler kind.  I also have Loteria wrapping paper with regular-sized images and also with mini images.  In the end, I decided to use the loteria piñatera.  I figured out that I could make at least 18 two-sided picks with the small images in the set.


Here is what you will need:

  • 1 loteria piñatera game
  • brightly colored card stock
  • toothpicks or small skewers
  • brightly colored plastic beads
  • decorative cutting scissors
  • regular scissors
  • craft glue

1.  Open the loteria game and separate the mini loteria tablas from the mini card deck.  Cut all of the smaller images apart and pair them up.  Each pick will need two images.

(Note:  you don’t have to use the same image on both sides of the pick, but I did it that way)

2.  Cut out the card stock as shown below.  You can eyeball the measurements by placing one of the Loteria images in the center of your piece of cardstock and cutting around enough to fold it in two.


3.  I used a set of border patterned scissors, like the type used for scrapbooking, to cut around the diablito card.  You may have to practice because it’s pretty small.  Don’t glue the images on until you have the border you want.

4. Glue the Loteria images to each of the backgrounds.  Allow them to dry.

5.  When they are dry, sandwich the skewers or toothpicks between the two pieces of paper and glue it all together.  Make sure that you use enough glue to make sure the toothpick stays put.

6.  To finish, take some plastic beads and thread them onto the toothpick or skewer so that they touch the bottom of the loteria decoration.  Again, make sure you used enough glue to keep the beads from coming loose.

Now, you are done!


Because these picks contain small pieces, I don’t think they would be appropriate for small children’s birthday parties.

I tried to make Loteria cupcake papers, but that may be beyond my expertise.


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