Photo Album Mother Lode!


Last weekend, I visited Garden Ridge and Old Time Pottery.  I bought up loads of wrapping paper for $1.00 a roll – I’m using them to revamp my bulletin boards in my classroom.  I also found this book on raclette for only $1.99.  Who’da thunk it?  Abook on an obscure Swiss traditional meal found in Norcross!  What a deal!

I had not been to OTP in a long time.  It is so huge and I feel compelled to try to cover the store in 7a_1_ba systematic manner – it can take hours.  But it can be worth the trouble.  This time, I came upon a huge lot of discontinued NASCAR mini photo albums.  No, I am not a big NASCAR  racing fan, but I am a fan of bookmaking. The binding  is first rate and it holds 16 pictures.  I plan on recovering them and making mini books with them.

Oh, did I mention they were 10 cents apiece?  So far, I bought 6o of them, but as I think of more uses for them, I am itching to go back for more.  I haven’t done anything like buying out all the stock of the store in years.  Not since the days of the Pier One Clearance Store and other great finds.   My husband just told me not to blog about it but I trust you all not to buy them out before I do… 😉

42c0_1My first idea was to have my students write an illustrated story.  They would do the pre-writing using a storyboard graphic organizer, then apply the text and images to 4 x 6 blank index cards.  Then they would insert the cards into the photo sleeves.  Finally, I would teach them how to cover the books with decorative paper or make a template for them to paste their title and cover illustration onto and then cover the books.  Brilliant, huh?

Then, one of my fellow teachers told me that she was going to spend some time teaching about poetry and that gave me an idea.  I could have my Language Arts students write different kinds of poems and put them in the book.  They could add the illustrations, too – they wouldn’t have to be so accurate, then.  They could just complement the poetry.

There are all sorts of poetry lesson plans and graphic organizers around.  I could have them do:

There’s more, but I’ve got to go to sleep!


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