Loteria Gift Card Book


Yesterday, we made it to Chapter 13 of House of the Scorpion, so I decided to take a break and make use of some past tests I had made.  I made copies of my tests on Chapters 1 thru 7 and Chapters 8 thru 11 and put them together.  Then, I made it a group open book test.  Believe me, it’s nice to take a break and let someone else explain what cloning is!  😉

I realized that I had not posted the pictures of my last Christmas Gift Card book.  For this one, I used a Loteria theme (of course!) and I think it came out great!  I kept it simple, using the back of one of the cards for the binding and lace doilies for accents.  I had some gift wrap that had smaller images of the Loteria, and that was more appropriate for a small book.  The rooster is one from my stash of Rooster firecrackers I found at a fireworks stand in North Carolina.  The ribbon is one that I use for my story boxes.


The interior is lined with simple yellow card stock.  For the envelopes, I used more of the small scale Loteria gift wrap, some scrapbooking paper with a bandanna design, and a larger scale Loteria gift wrap.  The card/tag inserts also had Loteria images on them.


I attached the ribbon for tying by hot gluing it to the book cover, then covering that with lace doily and an image.  The front image is my Chinese rooster, and the back image is from the El Mundo Loteria card.


I am currently working on making some to sell for Valentines Day.  Instead of coupons, I think that I will insert blank vintage looking Valentines for the sender to fill out.  I am also working on a belated gift for an older friend.  In that one, I am going to include photos of our family – if I can get some photos sorted out and find the ones I need!


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