Chinese Themed Gift Book


I made one similar to this as my first try, then tightened it up once I got more experienced.  The cover is a brocade with dragons on it and the binding and inner liner is from a holographic folder.  I used red envelopes to put the gift cards in and made the tags out of Asian papers I have been collecting.




chinesewithcouponswpressI just happened to have the Fortune Teller Fish hanging around.  We tried to use it, but the ceiling fan kept blowing it off of my nephew’s hand!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to see the Chinese Terracotta Army exhibit at the High Museum.  Man, it was crowded.  I had already seen King Tut in New Orleans when I was a teenager, so I should have expected the line.

The good thing was that we had ordered tickets online the night before.  That saved a LOT of time in line.  The bad thing was that my husband’s right foot was bothering him.  He thinks that he has a stress fracture and will see a podiatrist on Monday.  But, in the meantime, he didn’t want to aggravate it by walking.

So, we got him a wheelchair.  Yes. We. Did.

It wasn’t too bad, I guess.  We didn’t get to go right up to the front of the line, however.  I had to wind around with the others while “Crip” waited patiently in his wheelchair.  When I got to the elevator with him, we went up and he manned his own chair.  Believe me, it was slow going at times, because the crowd was not easily parted so that he could get a good look at the exhibit items.  Although, I kind of expected more stuff, it seemed like a plenty long excursion after we were done!


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