Happy New Year!


It’s been a pretty busy Christmas holiday – we went to The Northshore for the main event.  My husband, the dog, and I stayed in a little family house in Abita Springs with my dad and his dog.  The weather was bizarre: freezing when we got there and in the 80s by the time we left.  We had the requisite raw oysters, gumbo, pralines, and po boys.   I only objected to one thing:  the candy cane shaped kings cake.  That is – well, if not a travesty – overkill.  Are we going to now have kings cake all year around?  Can’t anything be seasonal?  Can’t we WAIT until January 6th?

I blame it on Peeps.

My Christmas gift card books were a hit.  I also managed to slap together a calendar for my Mom and Dad that includes some of my other collages.  I will fine tune it later.  I was able to have it delivered just in time to my sister’s house – cool!  I also instigated a little project for Christmas Eve and Day.  I brought along one of my blank Goose Game boards and a set of Sharpie markers and urged everyone to draw little pictures in the squares.  I plan on finishing it up and sending copies to the family later.

When we got back, we had a raclette party over at my in-laws house for a late Christmas.  I’ve been shopping for a new agenda (I think I have decided against a DIY one – too much process that could be used on other art).  I have mostly been taking it easy, but there are some things on my “to do” list that I will need to get done between today and Monday.

What else?  Oh, I finished New Moon.  Whatever.


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  1. I’m with you on the Peeps. They are so supposed to be for Easter and only Easter. I refuse to eat them for any other holiday! Lynn

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