“Reading” Twilight


I finally broke down and got a copy of Twilight on audio CD. I figured I could use it in my reading classroom along with the little bitty copy of the book I bought at Borders. I have made it through 5 1/2 out of 11 CDs – and it is getting VERY hard not to hear or read any spoilers.

I made a vow that I would not go see the movie until I finished the book. Now, I may be able to do so sooner by listening to the CDs while doing housework or actually reading the book. I am not accustomed to reading books. At least, not lately. I do a lot of web surfing, however, and right now I am researching books to borrow to interest my students in reading. I just came across a blurb about the third book, and in doing just that, I read two things about the plot that I had not read yet.
Oy vey!


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