Viva Zapata!


No, I haven’t been totally lazy while I’ve been on vacation.  I have been half-heartedly cleaning house.  So far, I have cleaned the bedroom surfaces and dusted and folded clothes.  My husband is supposed to vaccuum and movivazapatamilagroforwordpressp, but he’s been sick, so apparently he cannot clean house.  No comment.

I have not yet unpacked my laserjet printer, and we are now at the halfway point, holiday-wise.  I had been meaning to print out a whole lot of images I have stored on my laptop.  In particular, those heart ex votos and milagros I have been collecting for a year or so now.  I have yet to come up with a really organized filing system for the images.  I am sure I have duplicates of many of them.  And, truth be told, some of the designs are different by maybe one element.

Earlier, I tried putting them in files according to what shape they were and if they were silver-colored or painted.  Then, I just went ahead and filed them according to the source where they were found.  I don’t feel bad about copying the various images and designs because I do not plan on going into the ex-voto or tin ornament business.  The designs provide inspiration for my own creations.

Last night, I created a new heart “blank” and decided to work on an Emiliano Zapata theme.  I really like how it came out.  Now, you can see a little bit of his gun, and of course there are his bullet vests, but it’s not as violent as many of the Zapata t-shirts I’ve seen worn by my students.  In our school, of course now we have uniforms, but before that, we had restrictions on what sort of images could not be worn to school.  Those were mainly any reference to alcohol, tobacco, weapons, sex, or gang symbolism.

Because I am a connoisseur of t-shirt art, I often would notice things that were not notices all day by other teachers.  Such as:

  • a drunken Chihuahua saying “yo quiero tequila”
  • “homies” pouring a beer bottle onto a compadre’s grave
  • scantily clad women on low riders OR being carried away by Aztec warriors
  • Scarface carrying a pistol AND a cigar
  • Soccer fan t-shirts with beer ads on them
  • Zapata, riding a horse, carrying a shotgun (with the support of the Virgin of Guadalupe, of course)

Whenever I would call a student on the Zapata t-shirt, I would explain that we had no problems with the Revolution or with Mr. Emiliano and his friends.  Then I would point out that it was the GUN that cannot be worn to school.

Now, you may be thinking I am being nit-picky about this, but years ago the school secretary pointed out that I was wearing an inappropriate shirt.  I was dumbfounded.  I had purchased the shirt when my husband and I visited the Salvador Dali museum in Florida.  It was a painting called “Lively Still Life” – I think.  The object that was “objectional” was the knife, floating in the air.

So, please visit my Milagros CafePress shop to see the items available.  I think I am going to work on a Christmas t-shirt/card design next.


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