In My Pantry


What is in my pantry? Well, although I have not inherited my father’s tendency to hoard cans of vegetables, (I think he either forgets that he has 5 cans of tomatoes already OR the canned tomatoes were such a GREAT deal that he could not pass them up!) I do have my own peculiarities. I accumulate and collect foreign spice packets.

I shop at a lot of great markets in Atlanta – the Buford Highway Farmers Market, in particular – and I can spend hours in the aisles trying to figure out what in the heck some of those things are! I am particularly drawn to the Indian, Asian, and Indonesian aisles, because they have such interesting dishes. Whereas I would be loath to pick up, say, a package of Hamburger Helper, I do not hesitate at all to pick up an Indonesian spice packet to fry chicken livers in.

Do I have any chicken livers on hand? No, but I may want to cook some one day.

Here’s my inventory as of last night –

Chinese – Sun Bird Egg Drop Soup Mix

From the Phillipines – Mama Sita’s Website has many interesting recipes – a bit of Chino-Latino, if you will
Mama Sita’s Stew Base Mix (Pang Kare-Kare)
Mama Sita’s Tamarind Seasoning Mix (Pang Sinigang sa Sampalok)
Mama Sita’s Guava Soup Base Mix (Pang Sinigang sa Bayabas)
Mama Sita’s Spicy Sauce Mix (Caldereta)

I picked up a bunch of Blue Dragon sauce packets a couple of weeks ago to make stir fry
Blue Dragon Oyster & Spring Onion Stir Fry Sauce
Blue Dragon Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Sauce
Blue Dragon Chop Suey Stir Fry Sauce
Blue Dragon Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce
Blue Dragon Royal Thai Yellow Curry Cooking Sauce – Discontinued.  (Hmmm, maybe I bought these a little longer than a few weeks ago…) Here is a recipe for yellow curry paste.  My hope is that it’s a little milder than the Thai Red or Green, which Blue Dragon still makes.

Korean Curry Paste (I think) – Ottogi Curry (mild)

I love the Indonesian aisle:
Bamboe Indonesian Lodeh
Indofood Sambal Goreng Ati (Gizzards in Chili and Coconut Gravy) – This, I have actually made with chicken livers.  Not bad.
Asian Home Gourmet Indonesian Sambal Stir Fry
Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Laksa (Coconut Curry Noodles)

I really like the jarred simmer sauces that are now pretty common for Indian food, but I cannot resist the packets – most are pastes.
Shan Liver Curry Mix
Kitchens of India Paste for Lamb Curry
Kitchens of India Paste for Hyderabadi Biryan

At Cost Plus World Market, there is a great variety of sauces as well – good source for Moroccan:
Al Fez Moroccan Flavor Stir Fry Spice and Sauce – this has a jar of paste included in the little box
Amora Goutez le Monde Tajine a la marocaine – I bought this in France… three years ago.
Kashi Moroccan Curry – I love Kashi, and this packet is good to go when I break the seal.

Russian Spices – This was the most hilarious.  Buford Highway Farmers Market is expanding to attract the Eastern European population here in Atlanta, so they have recently added a whole wing of a cuisine that I have not explored.  I picked up some packets a couple of weeks ago (seriously) and I remembered that one of them was for goulash, but forgot what the other was.  The pictures on the front of the packet were not clear enough, so I spent, oh, maybe an hour at the manufacturer’s website trying to decipher the Cyrillic alphabet so that I could link to the packets themselves.

You are welcome.

Seasoning for Goulash – and here are two recipes I may try.  This one, you make in the slow cooker and this one is supposed to be authentic.  See what I mean: Russian Hamburger Helper!
Seasoning for PelmenisPelmenis are like little Russian raviolis and there are many MANY recipes for them.  Here is one recipe I found that looks like it would go with my sauce.

That’s all for now – I think I will go and get something to make crock pot goulash with!


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