Yay! I did it! I mean that I got the imbedded video thing to work – not just that I went to Ikea today.

I’ve been to Ikea before…

I haven’t been there in a while, though. This morning, I got there at around opening time: 10AM. As I wound my way around the store, I found all sorts of inspiration. I think I found a table that I would like to have in my future studio. It’s about 3 feet high and really large. I like it because I can either stand over it, or use a high stool to sit and work there. I found a lot of things that would make my work space happier – I even found a table with a built in light table on it!

I looked at the bed frames and mattresses, too. It’s about time we got a new mattress. And I have been considering the same for my bed frame. I have had the same bed since I was in grade school – it’s a standard double bed iron frame which has been painted blue, then white, then off white and now, gun metal gray. It’s a fine bed, but it is difficult to sit in bed an read – there are five thin rails at the head of the bed and they are spaced just far enough apart for my head to slip in between them. Time for a more solid headboard. And maybe a little bit more space…

Most of the styles at Ikea are incompatible with our home decor, which is basically a (tasteful) hodgepodge of inherited furniture. Both of my husband’s parents are deceased, so we got much furniture from them. The few pieces I brought with me were a dresser, an armoire, and the aforementioned bed. We actually did buy some things ourselves, including a lovely hand painted TV cabinet and a large china cabinet, and a sofa… Anyhoo… whenever I visit Ikea and see how one could live so comfortably in such a small space, I am inspired to sell everything and start all over again, living simply and being impeccably organized.

Yeah, well…

This time, I bought a lap desk for my laptop, some trial containers to see if I want to purchase more for my kitchen and office, cheap knives, a spatula, paint brushes, and some chocolate toffee candy. I left my cell phone in the car and was most of the way through the store before I realized it. I assumed it was around noon when I decided to check out. When I got to the car, it was almost 1:30! I had been there over THREE hours!

Enjoy the video – I love that Jonathan Coulton.


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