I Heart Hearts…


little-montgolfier-for-blog This is a touched up copy of a collage I planned and executed last weekend.  It may sound cheesy, but I am very attracted to making hearts. I started out making valentines when I was in college – cutting out magazine pictures and putting them on top of heart doilies.  Pretty simple.

A couple of years ago, I made many black and white valentines out of images that I found on the internet and collaged to look relatively seamless.  My first CafePress.com shop was made up of colored versions of my designs.  You can see them here.  One day, I will compile a book or coloring book from the black and white images.  I also had a lot of fun making large tableaux on 11 by 17 sheets of typing paper.

At the end of the last school year, I started “collecting” ex votos and tin ornaments in the shape of hearts.  I have found so many different designs, and they serve a inspiration for another of my shops, Milagros.  I scan in my line drawn designs and use Photoshop to add color and details.  Right now, I have designs with the Virgin of Guadalupe, Frida Kahlo, Jesus, La Sirena, and La Adelita.

Now, I am collecting stencils and shapes to use to create those same heart designs in collage.  A lot of what I’ve done lately have been hand-cut, but I did make stencils out of cardstock to recreate this design. It was a whole project wherein I blew up the design in Microsoft Publisher and pieced together a poster.  Then, I used that as a reference for the shapes I needed for my stencil.  Fun, huh?  One day, maybe I will put together a stencil set so others can make their own!


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