NANOWRIMO is coming up!


That’s National Novel Writing Month – I think that it is more well known by now, but if you are not familiar… The goal is to write a novel in one month.  That would be the month of November.  There is a great website that helps you keep track of your word count and to network with other aspiring authors.  Go to and check it out!  I did it once before, but that one was culled mostly from my journals and letters from France when I lived there the first time.

This time, I am thinking about writing about Mexico.  I once read a profile in the Robert Vavra book called All Those Girls in Love with Horses about a Mexican girl who took part in the fast-paced drill team call escaramuza charra.  I thought it would be fun to do a book about the world of charreria – the Mexican rodeo, with emphasis on an escaramuza drill team.  First, I came up with chapter title ideas – then I spent some time yesterday researching the sport on the internet.  There are all sorts of blurry videos of performances on YouTube, and some great photos online.  I have also found a few articles on teams, and found out that the National Finals in Mexico are at the end of October.

I thought about doing a story inspired by National Velvet – the girls could do escaramuza instead of gymkhanas.  But, if I really wanted to parallel the story, there has to be something to replace running in the Grand National.  First, I thought about her cross-dressing as a charro, but charreria is really not about the horse, and employs too much brute strength.  Then, I thought about her becoming a rejoneador and fighting bulls from horseback.  But she would have to have four horses for that, and I don’t think that engaging in blood sport equates being a girl jockey…

Ever since I saw that sad excuse for a movie adaptation starring Elizabeth Taylor, I have wanted someone to do a remake.  I’m sorry, but Velvet was a homely girl – a bony, blonde girl with a dental plate.  I think that they didn’t even give her all of her sisters.  Don’t get me started.  I pictured it as a multi-part Masterpiece Theater – I wanted to write it myself.  Water under the bridge.

Anyhoo… I am waiting for my copy of Book in a Month.  I saw it last weekend at Barnes and Noble and ordered it on  So, we’ll see…

OR, I could just focus on writing in my blog every day that month… 😉


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  1. Have you read No Plot No Problem by Chris Baty? I liked it – it is designed for NaNoWriMo. I’m doing it too. I’m Co-ML for the Chico CA region. I’m determined to win this year – to make it to 50K! Good luck to you!

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