The Figs are in!


Just off Main Street in the historic district of my town is a HUGE fig tree.  Let me just say that I have this thing for free fruit.  I love blackberries, and used to pick them religiously every summer (until I contracted a staph infection from a scratch or insect bite allegedly sustained while picking them in a neighboring vacant lot near my old apartment.)  Still, I remain vigilant and can spot a blackberry bush from the highway.

This fig tree may one day be leveled for development, but I hope that doesn’t happen.  I was driving by the other day when I noticed that there were some figs with the blush of ripeness on them.  Lucky for me, I had the plastic container we used for our dog’s watering bowl on a road trip handy.  Being careful to watch for wasps (I got a mean sting a couple of years ago), I filled the container – they are small, but I must have gotten about 50 of them.

I have this recipe that I whipped up in my slow cooker – I just happened to have blueberries handy, so it was serendipitous.

Fig and Blueberry Compote with Lime

2 pints fresh Brown Turkey Figs – about 50 small ones
1 pint of fresh blueberries
1 Persian lime
2 or 3 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon

1.  Wash and drain figs and slice each in half.  If you are using store-bought figs, they may be larger, you may want to cut them in quarters.  Put the chopped figs in a medium-sized slow cooker.
2.  Wash and drain blueberries.  Pour them over the figs and toss.
3.  Slice lime in quarters and then slice the quarters into smaller slices.  Toss with figs and blueberries.
4.  Add brown sugar and cinnamon and toss one more time.
5.  Turn slow cooker on “high” for 1/2 hour or so, then lower the temperature to low.
6.  Allow mixture to simmer for 3-4 hours or more.  Mixture should look well cooked, and lime should be translucent when done.
7.  I like to leave the lime slices in – they should be cooked down enough not to be too strong.  Store it in the refrigerator.

I like serving this compote with slices of gingerbread, topped with a dollop of Cool Whip or whipped cream. Here are a couple of gingerbread recipe links, but I will probably use a boxed mix!

Home-Style Gingerbread

Old Fashioned Gingerbread
Betty Crocker Mix
Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Mix

There are also a couple of recipes on the Weight Watchers website I might try.  With any luck, I can keep it down to 4 WW Pts. for a slice and compote.


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