Atlanta Collage Society Annual Show


Hi there!  Today, I got my crown finally on my tooth, and I dropped 3 of my collages off for the show.  To the left is the front of the postcard (I am guessing) for the event invite.  I sent it to many of my friends, then realized that the other part of the information – namely, the place, time, and duration of the show!  Thank goodness I read over the items I sent on a regular basis.

The opening party is Thursday night, and the pieces will be up until the beginning of August.  On the one hand, I don’t really expect anyone else to care – but I thought I would send it out anyway!  It was a total pain in the you-know-what to try and frame my own stuff.  For my last show, my mother matted and framed the two pieces I entered.  She is a watercolor artist (among many other things) and has been cutting her own mats and framing her own pictures for years.  Alas, she is out of town this week, and I procrastinated, so I had to try and step up.

Of course, I am re-submitting my pieces from last year, and they look awesome.  Yesterday, I went to Garden Ridge with my folder of unframed pieces, and looked at mats and frames.  I managed to find a decent, substantial looking frame for my Hail Mary collage, which is only 5″ by 5″.  Then, I picked out little double mats and smaller frames for two of my 4″ by 6″ collages.  Last night, I fought with the stickers on the frames, cleaned the glass, and taped the pieces into place – it was a pain!  After all that, I decided that Hail Mary could go, but not the other two.

Then, according to the show submittal rules, I had to remove all of the hangers, etc. from the backs of the pictures – apparently, this  gallery had its own method of hanging.  The screws and wire on the first two frames were easy.  The two saw tooth hangers on the Garden Ridge frame were a pain – I had to use two different Phillips’ head screwdrivers to get them off!  But, they are submitted – Yay!

After that, I went by the Buford Highway Farmers’ Market to buy some noodles.  They only had the fettucine kind, so I got brave and picked up one of the more “ethnically” packaged yam noodles.  We’ll see how it goes.  They are a lot whiter than the House Foods brand.  I also picked up blackberries for $1.99, and bunches of tarragon, basil, oregano, and mint for 99 cents each.  Then, I picked up a small brisket and some chicken thighs.  In the new Korean take out section, I bought a tray of sashimi for lunch.  It was very good, but I like rice with my fish.  They also had a very interesting looking sashimi salad – raw fish and masago fish roe on greens and sprouts.  I might get that next time – I just wanted to pick up some ginger-sesame dressing to eat with it.

Then, I took a long nap.  I need to do some shipping to my e-Bay customers – I will do that tomorrow.


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