Just Ordinary “Folk”


I just got my postcard announcing the coming Slotin Arts Folk Fest.  It’s touted as the “World’s Greatest Self-Taught Art Show & Sale” and it takes place right across I-85 every year at the North Atlanta Trade Center.  I have been to it several times, and it is fabulous.  I love it – and, one day, I would love to show there.

The problem is this:  I don’t ever think ahead a year and and say, “Next year, I will exhibit,” and plan accordingly.  I usually get the flyer and think “Oh, Folk Fest!  I wonder if I should exhibit this year!”  I go then to the Exhibitor Information page to find that price of booths are VERY high.  Last year, I think it was $800 for a 10′ by 10′ booth – this year, it’s $900.  I don’t think I have that much in inventory!!  I know for sure that I don’t have that much stuff made.  So, next year… maybe.

Another idea is to find two other artist and go in together.  That might be do-able, but 10′ by 10′ is not a lot of room.  This year, what I might do is put together a brochure and hand it out to folk art galleries with which I think that my art would be a good fit.  Then, I need to visit some places in Atlanta and do the same.

My “problem” is that my work is very diverse.  I have my collage art, which I know my mother would like to see me do more of.  It’s from magazine images, and I love doing them, but I need to make a specific area to do so in my studio.  The images need to lay out, so I can see what “goes” before I commit to a setting.

I also have what I consider my “bread and butter” – my various shrines.  These are made with purchased note cards and post cards and have 3 basic subjects:  the Blue Dog, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Frida Kahlo.  I have several styles, including mini shrines, made from wooden maze puzzles, to sheer shrines made from boxes I bought at Pier One to house incense and potpourri.  Oh, and I have a LOT of incense… and potpourri.  My Virgin of Guadalupe crosses also sell well.

Those items above, I consider “folk art”.  I have some formal training in art from high school and college, but mostly, I see materials and think:  “Boy, wouldn’t it be neat to do something with that!”  That’s how I came up with my Loteria Story Boxes.   And I have all manner of inventions, including the Pour Deux Baker – which is a set of baking dishes with recipes (I don’t have that up yet, and need to do so).  Oh, there’s more, believe me.  I haven’t even mentioned my CafePress shop

I will stop my rambling for a while and go for a walk.  I was up late the other night, brainstorming other projects and this morning we got up at 4AM to take my mother to the airport, so my body is very confused.


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