Today, I went out to lunch at Taqueria del Sol.  Afterward, I stopped by Star Provisions to pick up dessert and to browse.  I got some of their cornmeal cookies with lime icing and two of their S’mores cupcakes.  While I was there, I came across the greatest line of cards and journals called PaPaYa! and made a mental note to look at their website when I got home.

The art on the PaPaYa! site is awesome.  It is the brainchild of an artist named Anahata Katkin.  There is a link to her site, also, so I went there.  I spent some time browsing through her art and drooling over the workshops scheduled in Bali and Cortona, Italy.  I WISH I could go to one of them.  I found a Flickr page with pictures from a cool workshop she did where it looked like people did a huge art piece on a 6 ft. piece of wallpaper.  Neat!  Here’s the link.

All of this has made me want so many things.  I want to go to an art workshop.  I want to give art workshops.  I want to learn new techniques, but not to completely copy the style of other artists.  I am making plenty of art right now.  I have had several orders for shrines as a result of my EBay auctions.  But I want to do more!  I am a huge hoarder of paper and tchotchkes, as I have mentioned before.  I am trying really hard to get organized and to do something with them.

Last night, I went through all of the frames I had ordered from China a couple of years ago.  Many of them arrived with shattered glass.  Next time – if there is a next time – I will order the glass on the side.  I opened the last two boxes, shook the frames (which are encased in plastic) and if they rattled, I set them aside.  Then, I took the panes of glass I had specially cut at Lowe’s, sorted through the ones that did not fit the frames (about half…) and replaced the shattered glass in the frames.  I managed not to hurt myself, but on of my cuticles is inflamed.

So that’s a start.  I also found a link there to Teesha Moore’s website, which has a tutorial on art journaling.  That sounds like fun, too.


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