Worthless lump of…


Well, for the past week, I have been quite lazy.  I have been sleeping a lot and have all but forgotten about my organizing and tidying up goals for the summer.  I have spent some time on Facebook, looking for friends from random parts of my personal galaxy.  So far, I have unearthed 1 from middle school (he contacted me!), one from high school, a couple that I taught ESOL to a couple of years ago, and a few that I taught French to in Monticello (ages ago!).  My niece graciously accepted my husband and I as friends on her vast network, and I just heard from the baby sister of my college sweetheart (he has, unfortunately, passed away).

It’s all kind of surreal.  Actually, I don’t know exactly what I am supposed to do with this growing network of friends.  I don’t really want to play any of the many games that are available on Facebook.  I don’t necessarily want to be “poked” – although I should not refuse a hug or a tiara!  It’s just nice to hear that those people are doing well and that they are still in the universe.  I think that’s the main appeal to this kind of random networking.  You say to yourself, “I wonder what happened to (insert name)?”  And sometimes you find out.

I am concentrating a lot of my energy on being good and following my Weight Watchers program.  I did much better last week, but it really does take a lot of research and planning ahead – most of which involves consulting the computer.  That, as opposed to saying “Aw, what the heck!” when confronted with lemon meringue pie or queso dip and chips.  Or movie popcorn with butter.

I do have a large bag of clothes in my back seat to deposit at the nearest Goodwill Store.  I have sold some things on E-Bay, including my last Zarela Casa Loteria shower curtain, which sold for $132.50 last week!  So, summer’s going as it should, I guess!


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