Koh Phayam


Thailand: Koh Phayam!
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by itcheefeet

This week has offered some blasts from the past.  First of all, a friend of mine who has a friend in NYC found out that he had met a high school/college of mine at an event there.  He is in the D.C. area, so I am going to try and locate him – haven’t seen him in at least 20 years.

I made a sporadic visit to Facebook and looked up some possible past connections – this time from Jasper County, Georgia.  I taught French there and also did a lot of horseback riding, so I sent Friend Requests to one guy I used to ride with (he was also a former student) and the daughter of a fellow teacher.  Since I am too lazy to write a message with my request, they will probably just think I am a stalker.  Oh, well…

Then, last night as I was working on E-Bay Auctions, I got a call from my old friend Carmen.  She was one of the participants of the academic year I spent in Angers, France.  She also has the honor of sharing my birthday (August 14).  At that time, it was rare to find someone who shared my birthday (that was before the world got so big with the internet and all).  To add to the strangeness, on one of the weekends hosted by France-Etats-Unis, we were both guests in Paris to a woman who was ALSO born on August 14th.  Spooky.

Carmen is also a French teacher in St. Louis who is hoping to make the jump to ESL.  Another parallel…  She was one of the few friends that was still in touch with my friend who now lives in the Andaman Sea, on an island called Koh Phayam.  That prompted an e-mail to him to make sure he was still alive (they did have some tsunami effect there, and I haven’t asked about the typhoon yet).  While I was waiting for a response, I did the thing that I am sure all people do:  I looked for photos of the island, and checked out Travelocity to find out the cost of visiting.

When Chris and his Japanese wife, Chiyoko, found the place on vacation, it was totally under the tourist radar.  Now, of course, it is starting to make its way onto the internet.  Still, it looks quite unspoiled.  I think that they now have access to internet at their house, as opposed to having to take the 90 minute ferry to Ranong to communicate with the rest of the world!  Now that I know that e-mail address is valid, I will write a bit more – it’s good to catch up!

BTW, it will cost about $1400 per person to fly from Atlanta to Bangkok, Thailand.  The flight would be about 22 hours, including a plane change in Seoul, Korea.  Ouch!


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