When the Cat’s Away…


So, my husband is out of town – he’s gone to a convention in Nashville.  Get ready for the wackiness.  So far, I have slept all day, eaten lunch at a French bakery, and ordered a pizza from Papa John’s.  I may even go see a movie at the Dollar Cinema.  I’m on fire!

Of course, since I am on Weight Watchers, I will have to get on track pretty soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  Then, I can continue with all of the other things I have planned – cleaning house, putting more things on E-Bay, etc.  I did sort out all of my Loteria games – I have about 20 different versions!  I have also started on a new Story Box.

I will be back to post my low WW points version of Shrimp and Andouille Fettuccine soon!


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