Loteria Story Boxes up on Flickr!


Today, I spent some time uploading and organizing photos of the Loteria Story Boxes I have made.  You can see them on Flickr.

I also have a couple on sale at my Etsy shop and on EBay.

I first started doing these about four years ago.  I have a LOT of Loteria cards, and I found these unpainted two deck card boxes at Hobby Lobby.  I started by putting photos together (I first only had about two sizes, but now I have three – tinier pics come from Loteria wrapping paper I bought) to tell little stories.  I especially love the variety of male and female figures represented in the deck.  It allows for a lot of commentary on the opposite sex.

After coming up with a pleasing arrangement, I remove the pictures and paint the interior of the box.  I glue the images in and allow them to dry.  Then, I embellish the interior of the box with glitter glue.

Before adding more to the interior, I usually decorate the outside of the box.  I have several ways of doing this.  Sometimes, I glue wooden objects and appliques to the outside and paint them along with the exterior.  I also like to collage loteria images on the outside.  I was able to use my tiny Loteria wrapping paper to just cover the outside of one box without cutting the images out and arranging them in collage.  I haven’t finished with that one yet.

I like to line the edges of some of my boxes (especially those using traditional Loteria images) with thin plaid ribbon.  It is tricky to get it to lay flat around the latch!  From there, I add glitter glue, confetti lettering, extra images, an sometimes more sequins to decorate.  I try to title, initial, and date each piece.

The interiors are a lot of fun to do.  I have a vast collection of plastic and glass figures I have bought at Target, Pier One, and other stores.  Some of them used to be wine glass charms or tops of glass swizzle sticks.  I just found a LOT of glass items for a very cheap price posing as wind chimes and mobiles at Pearl Discount Arts and Crafts.  I have too many sequins and confetti shapes to use in this lifetime, and I just acquired a lot of plastic objects that used to be part of Mardi Gras necklaces.

So, I am preparing to make more boxes.  I have collected a variety of Loteria decks in Mexico and over the internet.  Using these are not as easy as it sounds:  I am very particular about not mixing print styles.  For example, I don’ mix Teresa Villegas’ loteria items with traditional ones, because the style is so different.  I may, however, combine images from some of the knock-off loteria decks I have found, if they look fitting.  It will be so much fun!


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