The Dog Days are Early!


Apparently my sister made a little “out of body” visit to my house yesterday.  She is famous for being someone who takes in strays.  Just this past weekend, she took six kittens with her to a soccer game, hoping to find their new homes.  Two of the six kittens were “foster kittens” that her cat obviously agreed to nurse.

Enough about my sister.  Yesterday afternoon, I was upstairs, blogging, minding my own business, when the doorbell rang.  My husband went down to answer, but obviously felt like I needed to come down to hear about this:  a nice young lady was escorting a precious black and white puppy around the neighborhood, trying to find its home.  It was such a cute puppy!  In a flash, I envisioned a companion for Lupita, our last adoptee.  I told the girl that I would be happy to help out – I may have sounded a bit too enthusiastic…


We closed the door, and my husband looked at me.

You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to doooooo!

We had a little discussion, wherein I realized that we don’t need another dog.  Even a cute puppy.  I waited with baited breath while I waited for the call from the woman who currently has the puppy, to send it over.

Did I mention that I wrote down my phone number and gave it to the girl?

After an uneventful evening, and still nothing this morning, I returned from my mall walk thinking that I had gotten off easy.  Then, I heard the message waiting on my cell phone.  Yup, the woman who currently has the dog was calling me.  I ignored the call for the afternoon while I organized my studio downstairs.  I was just getting ready to go to my massage appointment, when I looked at the phone again.  There were 5 messages for me.

Two were from my mom and from a friend, but the other three were from the dog lady.  She had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and then was going to be out “late” tonight.  She needed to have either me or some other woman who had promised to find a home to take the dog tonight.  I stopped by the house, where the puppy was in the backyard, tied to a post, within access to the basement and shade.  I called my husband, canceled my appointment, and turned around to go home.

We have the puppy here right, now, but I am standing strong on not keeping it.  My dog has already terrorized it and expressed her disappointment with her guest’s reluctance to be a sheep.  I called the dog lady and told her that we could not keep the dog, but would be willing to take it to a shelter if she wanted us to.  She immediately said no, that there was another candidate who had found a home for the puppy.  She could pick it up after work.

Whew!!!!  I breathed a sigh of relief.  The puppy was safely in the garage, in our kennel, awaiting it’s new owner to come.

Of course, that didn’t happen.  I got a call from the other lady, and she said that she had called ALL of her relatives to ask if they would take the puppy, and they could not.  SHE has 3 dogs already, so it would be impossible for her to take the dog in.  Okayyyy.  I called Dog Lady back and told her the bad news.  I offered to take the puppy over to her place, set up the kennel and our water dispenser, and she could take over when she got home tonight.

But she’s not coming HOME tonight!  She is babysitting with a friend’s children and will not be home tonight.  I remained firm and told her that we would keep the doggie overnight, but would return her to the lady’s home tomorrow morning.  She has a fenced in yard, for goodness sakes!  She is the ideal person to foster the puppy until a home is found.

Oy vay!


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