Weight Watchers – 8th time’s the charm…


One of my goals this summer is to begin the long road to getting back into shape.  I was getting revved up for that last summer, when I got back from Mexico.  That was after my glorious 5 weeks of Spanish, shopping, and chic weekend accommodations, courtesy of the Fund for Teachers grant I was awarded.  I was ready to come back and use my awesome arts integration ideas with my students.

Ah, then the rug was pulled out from under me.  I was told that I was needed to teach French to comply with the new Middle Years Programme.  When momma ain’t happy,… well, she eats.  I ate when I had a tough day, I ate in celebration… heck, some of you have seen my cupcake recipes, I cook and eat because I love to share food with people.  I get a LOT of compliments on my cooking.

I also had been getting more and more sedentary over the past years.  When I started teaching in Marietta, I didn’t have my own classroom, so I did a lot of walking during the day as I circulated from one borrowed classroom to the next.  I think there was one year where I had half use of a shared classroom – then we moved to a bigger building and I changed specialties from French and Spanish Exploratory to teaching ESL.  I had the cutest little trailer behind the school, and on weekends and evenings, I could go there with my dog and work and walk around for a break.

Then, we moved to the old high school, where we’ve been for the past 4 years or so.  As I gained my own classroom and got less exercise, I became more sedentary.  There was also easy access to the internet on my new computer, which is where I spent a LOT of my spare time between classes.  I was no longer horseback riding, and the commute to my new home 35 minutes (sometimes a LOT longer) took a lot of energy from me.  And so it goes.

At my meeting today, everyone was trying on the Time Warp cloak, which is this black smock with pockets on it.  You tie it around your waist and the group leader puts in these neat sealed bags of sand into the pockets to represent the amount of weight you’ve lost.  Well, I watched a lot of woment do it, and can understand how it could be a powerful tool.  But they were encouraging me to do it, even though I hadn’t lost any weight yet (apparently she doesn’t lug around 100 lbs. of sand with her to every meeting – it’s an occasional thing).  I guess that, if I got anything out of it, it’s that I don’t want to gain MORE!  Oy vay!

After my meeting, because today doesn’t count (duh!), I was going to go to El Torero and have a last lonely plate of chips and cheese dip.  It was 12:30, so the restaurant had a line going out of it.  I decided instead to go to Publix and pick up some sushi and Diet Coke.  So, I was “good”.

What was so funny is when my husband sat across from me at the dinner table and said, “Don’t you want to take your name tag off?”  I STILL had a name tag saying “Weight Watchers” on it with my name!  Imagine the irony of my sitting at a Mexican food restaurant pigging out with THAT on!  I guess it’s sort of the equivalent of displaying your Alcoholics Anonymous chip at a BAR!  I wonder if anyone would have staged an intervention?


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  1. I could have written this post, Celeste! My daughter and I always go out to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant after the Weight Watcher’s meeting. I wonder how many points are actually in those noodles.

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