The Web Page is up!


Well, with the help of my husband, I got something up!  Go to!

Today was the last day of post-planning.  I found out yesterday that, as the 8th grade ESOL teacher, I will be expected to teach using the Read 180 program.  I already anticipated that, but I also found out that will need to move from my big, spacious room (never actually used as a classroom, BTW, as I taught most everything in the computer lab) to the smaller room next door that is wired for the five computers that the program requires.

I have sent an e-mail to the Techies at our school, asking if it would be possible to connect the two computers that my classroom cannot accommodate to the internet via wi fi – I think we have that!  If it is a possibility, I might ask my principal to let me stay in my room.  Probably, he will say no, but I can try.

Tomorrow, we are headed for Asheville.  We are going to stay in an old-fashioned motel that has log cabins, so we can try and leave Lupita in there when we go out to eat.  She is a barker – we figure that she will be a little less annoying if we don’t share walls with another guest.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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