I was just sitting on my back deck, talking to my Dad on the phone, when my dog came around the corner with a knife in her mouth!!!!!

Okay, let me back up a little.  Our townhouse is in the middle of two other townhomes on a cul-de-sac of our neighborhood.  We share a common back yard with those two houses, and – in theory – with all of the people in our community.  To our left is the back of an apartment complex, and to our right, the parking lot of an industrial park.

For a while, we had Latin American guys using our back yard as a short cut between the two places, sliding under the other fences and walking across.  Our home association put in black hurricane fencing about 3 years ago – so that doesn’t happen any more.  But there are parts of the fence that do not meet the ground, allowing enough space for a dog to get back there.  Connolly, my other dog, had found that out pretty early and we had to keep an eye on her to keep her from wandering off.

Behind our house, on the other side of the fence, is a thickly forested triangle of very rugged terrain and possessing a lovely swamp area when it rains.  I only tried to walk back there once, and found it too much of a pain to traverse.  The dogs seem to love it, though.  Lupita found her way back there earlier this year.

I suppose that you have guessed by now that I am one of those people that lets her dog out in the yard without a leash.  Yes, I am lazy.

So, today, she came trotting alongside the opposite side of the fence, holding something in her mouth.  I walked down with my cell phone to have a closer look.  She had dropped the object a couple of times and picked it up again, and I saw that she was carrying a steak knife by it’s handle!!!!.  I rang off and started escorting her to the place in the fence where I know she exits to return to our yard.  Halfwy along, she dropped it.

She doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with her mouth, so I called Dad back and went back to where she dropped the knife.  It was just within reach, so I put my right hand through one of the fence squares and pulled it close, bringing it the rest of the way with my left.  I brought it into the house to show my husband, who wondered aloud if it could be a murder weapon.  We have obviously been watching too much CSI: Miami.  But still…

Oh, we are going to run the knife through our dishwasher to sterilize it and keep it – it’s a pretty good knife!  Now, I wonder if she could bring me some nice flatwear.


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