I just got back from seeing Baby Mama (don’t judge me!), and was looking for someone I thought I knew who was assistant director. That question has not been answered yet, but I then did searches on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Wikipedia is very interesting in that any word can be linked to another Wikipedia article on that word. Even a month or a date – or random words – it’s like a dictionary.

That gave me the idea to look up my day of birth – August 14th. I went in from Steve Martin’s profile. I knew that he has my birthday. I even got a chance to tell him when I waited on him at a store in Phipps Plaza. I wrapped up some soap for him. I didn’t want to blow his cover, so I didn’t start screaming when I saw him. I just mentioned the birthday thing. Whatever.

If you go to August 14 on Wikipedia, you will find a list of events that happened on that day: historical events, births, deaths, holidays, etc. I went down the list of people who share my birthday. There were some I knew already, like Steve, Halle Berry, and Magic Johnson. Here are some others:

Good night!


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  1. Wow, I would like to think that I am that deep… How about that German film “The Lives of Others” and a Steve Martin movie. Although, I DID see Paris, Texas during one of my film classes at USL.

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