I love to organize things…


That’s what I am doing right now. Last night, I continued to clean and organize my studio. I found a couple of things I had forgotten about and tried really hard to throw things away. I also organized my sequins, confetti, and all of the objects that I put in my assemblages and story boxes. That is a lot of stuff – confetti is like spices: you have to buy a whole package to get one shape or item, but you are probably never going to use them all.

I must have about 21 or more of these sectional containers – I think that they have 18 compartments (or 16 small compartments and 1 large one – why do they do that?) – 3 of them can hold images from a 54 card Loteria deck. I also have my sequins and confetti in these boxes – I am currently organizing them by color. Not to mention the many small organizers I have filled with stuff. I collect Mardi Gras beads and medallions, small blown glass objects that used to be on wine charms and swizzle sticks. I have some jewels, rusty iron hearts, plastic cocktail hangers (I’ve got some cute muscle men and mermaids)


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