What You See is What You Get


I have owned the domain name http://www.maison-celeste.com for probably more than a year now. Before that, I owned http://www.maisonceleste.com. The latter, I cancelled because a year or so had gone by and I had not published a website. When I went to get it back, it was no longer available. Bastards! Having learned my lesson, I am not going to sell Maison-Celeste.com – I even prefer the hyphenated version. But I still don’t have anything up there.

Maybe about 4 years ago, I took an evening class on website building. I actually got the hang of HTML and played around with blog templates and had a little Bravenet site up. Then, I got spoiled by the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors. So, while I have several websites – on Etsy, on CafePress, and here on WordPress – I still haven’t got the BIG site up. Today, I tried to change that.

My husband has a copy of something like FrontPage on his Mac, but I need something handy on my laptop. That is where I get most of my work done. I am not ready yet to splurge on a copy of Dreamweaver – well, yes, I’m ready, but it would not be financially responsible at the moment. So, I started looking on the Internet for free HTML editors.

I found one that looked good, called Amaya. I downloaded it and created a little webpage – just a graphic of my Loteria Celeste with a welcome message. Underneath was a simple table with links to my other sites and my e-mail address. I figured that would do until I got something else up. I saved the files in a special folder on my laptop, then headed to GoDaddy to upload them to my site.

Over an hour later, I still had not succeeded – even after downloading an explanation about uploading files. Now, I will admit that uploading was not something I did a lot – but it was supposed to be EASY. It’s NOT! I am going to enlist the help of my husband and hope I don’t get scolded too much for downloading a program he had not approved of… Right now, I am going to do the boring part – planning the site and writing copy. It’s just not as immediately gratifying as posting in my blog! 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to use GoDaddy’s Website Tonight. My new site is supposedly hosted on GoDaddy.com. Well, I found out that “Website Tonight” is a bit of a misnomer: I did not get a website that night. For one thing, the “free” Website Tonight account offered to me would have required that I cancel my domain name, wait for it to come up for use again (supposedly in a couple of minutes), then snap it up under that particular offer. That was not reasonable. It was very frustrating – although the GoDaddy guys were very nice.


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