Gather ‘Round, Latino Artists!


This weekend, I attended a NALAC Regional Arts Workshop in Athens, GA. I found out about it on Thursday while I was looking for more Arts Integration Lesson Plans to add to my collection. “NALAC (The National Association of Latino Arts and Culture) is an arts service organization that serves the needs of the diverse Latino arts and cultural communities in the United States. The focus of the organization is to provide leadership in advocacy of national policy issues that impact the Latino arts and cultural communities across the nation.”

Now, my first visit unearthed a lovely looking grant: The NALAC Fund for the Arts

“The NALAC Fund for the Artsis a field-advised, grant program designed to help Latinos develop their creative talents and make lasting contributions to our communities and society as a whole. Launched in 2005 by the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture with major support from the Ford Foundation, the NALAC Fund for the Arts provides financial resources to strengthen Latino arts organizations and to support Latino artists in the creation of their work.”

My first question was: “Hey, I’m a Latina artist! Okay, not by blood, but I deal with iconography and subject matters that are of Hispanic origin. Do I qualify for a grant?” I immediately shot off an inquiry to the Grants manager by e-mail. Then, I saw that NALAC was going to be in my area – the very next day! The fee was going to be only $10. I saw several sessions that appealed to me, including:

  • Arts Toolkit: Marketing Your Work and Increasing Visibility

  • Taking Latino Art and Culture into the Classroom

  • Artists and Community Development

  • Establishing Relationships with Funders & Navigating Government Funding

I thought I would take a chance and ask my principal for a professional day to go to Friday’s sessions. I was very surprised when he said yes! After finding a way to fulfill my obligations for Friday and making quick lesson plans, I made plans to go to Athens. My husband came with me – we made plans to stay at the Conference Center where the Workshop was held. I have a tendency to get lost in Athens and decided it was worth the extra cost to be on site the night before. We dropped the dog off at the boarding kennel and headed out.


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