Monday morning I came to school and logged in to ePals to check and see if there was any new mail.  Suddenly, up came the little blue screen of censorship – the site was blocked by our school firewall!

There is no rhyme or reason to our firewall blocking system.  Usually it is there so that teachers don’t spend the day shopping for houses (FMLS is blocked), bargaining on eBay, looking up their horoscope, or checking their personal e-mail.  Needless to say, MySpace and FaceBook and a lot of blogging sites are blocked as well.  I assume that this twist of fate is due to a firewall update this past weekend.

Interestingly enough, for the moment eBay and Tarot.com are NOT blocked.

There is a procedure to follow here:  I have to download a website approval form from the system server and fill it out.  Then, my principal has to sign it.  THEN, it has to make it to the Systems Administrator at Central Office.  I have done my part, but the form has not surfaced at CO yet.  I will send an e-mail to my principal as a gentle reminder today – I would like for my students to be able to write an e-mail or two before Spring Break.

I have been really weary for the past two days.  I have been kept up by the two-part CSI Miami last night and Monday night.  I cannot believe what happened in Brazil – can you really blow away 11 or 12 Brazilian gangsters and then just leave the country?  I am going to ask my Brazilian friends – a former Lutheran pastor and his wife.  I’m sure they are down with crime protocol in their country…  I also liked the use of invisible ink to leave a message – reminds me of my old Trixie Belden mystery reading days.

Yesterday I used the slow cooker to cook two Cornish game hens – I found some “red rice from the Camargue” at T. J. Maxx and used the mixed version to stuff the chickens, along with apricots and raisins and a liberal sprinkling of raz el hanout.   It was okay – I will try cooking the hens in the oven next time.  Sometimes, “falling off the bone” is not ideal – especially when there are so many tiny bones.


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