Viva La Frida!


wordpressfridaprimary.jpgI have been trying to offset the stress of teaching right now by working on more art.  I have done more cards using loteria images and pretty papers, but my husband has inadvertently stalled me.  Anticipating company last week, he took everything that was on the floor of my studio and stacked it in the garage.  I thought that the room was fine for sleeping – hey, the fold out sofa was clear…

So I cannot find my assortment of decorative pinking shears/scissors.  I will look for them this weekend.  In the meantime, I have been working on more designs based on tin ornaments.  Right now, they are in the shape of a heart – I have been collecting images for months.  The newest one is very simple in design – I put a picture of Frida Kahlo that I reworked with a gradient map in Adobe Photoshop.  I rather like it.

I have a couple of Frida Kahlo items in my CafePress shop – there is the Frida Kahlo Heart (part of my original Valentines designs), the Frida Milagro, and now the La Frida Kahlo.  I am having a great time with my toys: scanners, light box, and PhotoShop!


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