Brokeback Charro


I am going to kesamplecharro.jpgep making that joke for as long as I think it’s funny.  I have taken an image of a Mexican cowboy and made a collage card with it.  The originals will be for sale on my Etsy site as soon as I can get it up there.  I have 4 originals.  The “El Charro” image is unique in that it is in the exact posture of the Loteria card “El Borracho.”  Instead of staggering against a wall and holding a bottle, the figure is in cowboy gear, twirling a lasso.  Genius!   The color scheme is my favorite part.  Although the charro is in gray, his background is pink and orange.  I could not resist putting a hot pink flowered background behind it.

He’s so cute!  I have uploaded two different versions of the card.  The one above is the loud version on a yellow background and issamplecharroshorts.jpg on cards and magnets and objects.  There is a more subdued version without the yellow background that I have uploaded for t-shirts and clothing.  Hey, it could become a gay icon!

I collect Loteria cards.  I also have a different version of El Valiente, who is an animal tamer in a red jacket instead of a guy holding a knife.  Lastly, there is a more politically correct version of El Negrito (Little Black Guy) – it is called El Bailarin and is a white guy in a natty suit.  Again, both of the above have the figures in the same pose, but the context is different.  I worked on cards with the El Valiente and El Alacran, using a set of blank colored note cards I purchased a long time ago.  I will put those up on Etsy, too.

Finally, I revised my altered Loteria Rooster card images on  I uploaded different versionsamplerooster.jpgs of the artwork and re-tagged it with out using the Spanish word for rooster.  That was the controversy that I had last month about “trademarks.”  Apparently the wine company doesn’t want me to use that word, but I can still sell the image.  I think so, anyway.

I am about to go to bed.  I am watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel.  Apparently, it is only interesting to me – my husband mocks it.  Hey, it’s slim pickings until new sitcom episodes get written.


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