Cleaning House


Right now, I am working to organize my studio – I am also watching almost all of the available episodes of House on the Fox website.  I am really suffering withdrawal from new TV shows.  I was able to catch one episode repeat last night at 9PM, but it was interrupted by news of the tornado that hit downtown Atlanta.  I wish those news people would get their priorities straight.

Then, I found another episode on the USA Network at 11PM.  My husband walked in from his late evening nap and pronounced, “That’s the one where the kid has the radioactive keychain.”  He doesn’t understand why I like House, and knew I had already seen it.  By making this statement, he was trying to wrest the remote from my control.  The joke was on him, because there was no Letterman or Leno because of storm coverage.

I am making ready to finish the game board I made with my nephews’ Pokemon cards.  I had stopped working on it last week, partly because I was still sick and preferred to sleep when I got back home from school.  I also did not have enough sequined trim to use as an element in the game board.  Lucky for my, I found what I needed at JoAnn Fabrics last night.  I also found a bolt of Painted Desert Virgin of Guadalupe panels – I thought they were discontinued.  I bought two yards, but really wanted to buy the whole bolt.

So, I have finished my sandwich, and it’s time to go back to work.


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