More Wackiness


I am back to school, but cannot hear anything out of my left ear – it may take days or weeks to clear up.  Darned sinuses.  But I have been to the doctor – even though he’s not on my insurance plan.  He is the same doctor I go to every year for the sinus thing – whatever form it takes.  The wait is also shorter than at my new on-plan practitioner.

The being deaf thing is a pain – but sometimes it is advantageous.  I can pick and choose what I hear.  Most of my students mumble anyway, so I have gotten pretty good at reading lips.

Right now, we are nearing the due date for 3rd quarter report cards, so I am encouraging my students to make their “quota” of online lessons.   The Rosetta Stone program is supposed to be one where students “learn at their own pace.”  But, since the “pace” of some of my students is a slow crawl, I have to establish some boundaries.  There are 8 units in the French I segment, so I establish right away that if your idea of learning at your own pace is to start the first lesson of Unit One in August, and finish up Unit One, lesson 11 sometime in May – well, you are going to have problems.

At the same time, I am trying to keep up with my e-mail exchange via  My students wrote their letters almost a month ago.  Maybe 1/3 of them have received replies – short replies.  Then, today, I heard from a teacher that I corresponded with in December – she’s ready to exchange.  I may try and assign her students to those of mine that haven’t received a reply yet.  Oh, I also got an e-mail from a teacher in Burkina Faso who wants an exchange.  I think this is the first unsolicited e-mail I have received.

So, back to the charts and the drawing board of matching up students.

6 out of 8 of my classes have already played the original goose game.  Of course, after one game, some students asked if I had a deck of cards.  But some of them got into it, cursing the fate of the dice.  I am still working on the next step, where I have them view adapted games and deduce similarities and differences in those versions.


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