The Project


Okay, if you are a middle school teacher, you will probably relate. I have only 10 weeks and one day until the end of school (yes, I’m counting). And I am trying to have my students do a project.

It usually starts around the middle of the first semester. Kids start asking “When are we going to do a project?”

What they really mean is:

“When can we stop working and spend a week or two with our friends, basically doing nothing until the weekend before the project is due, wherein we try to throw something together – then try to get you to extend the deadline for the project until we beat you into submission and you forget about asking for our overdue project after a while.”

You get the point. I hate to sound so cynical, but – there it is.

So, I have been working on this idea using the Game of the Goose – I wrote a post about it in the past, in connection with my abrupt placement this year in French. I am interested in games and gameboards – not to play them necessarily, but to alter and use as an inspiration for art. I have been doing this with the Mexican Loteria for years. Now is the time for the Juego de la Oca. AKA Le Jeu de L’Oie, or The Royal Game of the Goose.

I will document in more detail the process – both hilarious and pathetic – of motivating my students to be creative.  Wish me luck.


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