Update on Distroller information


Yesterday, I received a comment on my “Distroller strikes again!” post from Distroller’s lawyer:

Gabriela Pavon Rios Says:
February 21, 2008 at 4:34 pm   edit

Hello my name is Gabriela Pavon. I am Distroller´s attorney in México City. We are planning to open our stores in the US and South America very soon. Please don´t buy piracy. You can buy our stuff through our web page http://www.distroller.com.mx. If you are interested in opening one of our stores in your country or in selling our product please contact us at info@distroller.com.

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of comments on that post with links to people’s E-bay stores (that say they sell Distroller items).  I have deleted them – because any smart person can do a search for Distroller on E-bay.  Also, I still have some things to sell.

I just went to the updated Distroller website and it looks really good.  Go visit.  I did not, however, see any means of buying items online.  Perhaps she was referring to the listings of Distroller shops in Mexico – and the one in Ontario, California.  I am going to try and order something from them – I really want the new calendar.

I am also skeptical of her suggestion that you send an e-mail to the above link.  I and a friend from Mexico who wants to open a tienda have both tried that route with no results. I understand, however, that they must be swamped with requests.  I also heard a rumor that they were developing something for WalMart.


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  1. I’m curious to know if you’ve had any luck. I live in L.A. I’m young and want to start a small business and got a retail license. Let me know if they ever responded. I sent email tonight and will wait for a response.

    I’d be very grateful if you would share some leads with me. This product is quite impossible to research.

  2. im shocked that you heard a rumor that they might sell at walmart!!! they will loose all their value. i mean i love their stuff! i just think walmart might make it look cheap…?? but hey if its the same as the items they sell in mexico but cheaper…ill be sure to support them 100%

    elizabeth from Chicago 🙂

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