What I’m reading right now…


For a little while, I took a break from my books on CD. The trip to Spain took a lot out of it, for obvious reasons. For Christmas, I also got a 2-CD edition of the original Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, and listened to that a couple of times. Lately, in the mornings, I don’t listen to anything on the way to school. I just drive and gather my thoughts for the day.

I tried listening to the news on the way home, and it’s all about war or elections. Every once in a while, there’s something interesting on NPR, but I really miss “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross. They switched the time for that from 3PM to 7PM.

So, last week, I went into the Gwinnett County Public Library and paid the $7 in fines that I owed them. I also re-checked out El Lector by William Durbin. I have that beside my bed and read it infrequently – I’m not a big reading in bed person. It’s about a girl who wants to be a lector in the cigar factories in Tampa. It’s set in the 30’s, I think. I like to read new literature geared toward Latino youth. It’s pretty interesting, and on William Durbin’s website there’s a link to an NPR piece on the lectores in Tampa and their replacement by the radio.

That day, I also picked up a CD copy of Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdoch. I had read some reviews of the book when I went to Elizabeth Gilbert’s website while reading Eat, Pray, Love. They are sisters. Back then, I thought the plot was pretty interesting – it’s about a girl in the Midwest who tries out for her high school football team. So, when I saw it on CD at the library, I picked it up.

It’s a really good book – and that’s saying a lot. My father was a football player and coach, and I never liked football. I resented too much my dad’s monopoly of the sole TV in our house to watch football games. But, having said that, I am really enjoying the book. It doesn’t harp too much on football-ese – it’s mostly about communication. In families, between friends, etc. I am almost done with this book and just found out that there’s a sequel!

So now, I’m headed to another library branch to pick up The Off Season, which is the sequel.


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