Year of the Rat


This has been a fairly casual weekend. I have not been very well this past week – trying to make sure I didn’t get the virus my husband got upon our return. Most afternoons, I went home and took a nap. Thursday, however, I got to return my car to Enterprise.

Of course, it was not free nor convenient – despite their assurances on my check out that it would be. I was told vaguely that it would probably be okay to return the car to someplace other than the airport. For $75, I was told later. So, right after school on Thursday, I drove to the airport, paid about $40 for 3 gallons of gas and other obscure random charges. I took the Enterprise shuttle to the air terminal and caught the Nortyearoftheratwordpress.jpghbound MARTA train. Then, my husband picked me up at the Doraville station and we went to pick up my car.

I’ve been working with my milagros this week, and have one new design up.  I also have a Year of the Rat line up on my Chinese Zodiac shop.  It’s a little girly in colors.  When I did the Year of the Boar designs, I first had a pink pig.  Then I made a tattoo-ed pig in more masculine colors.  It’s interesting that I don’t seem to have this dilemma with my Loteria cards.  I may be mixing my Asian cultures a little bit – Mah Jong tiles and Maneki Neko Cats.   Do they celebrate Lunar New Year in Japan?

I am up late, watching the special episode of House that is being shown after the Super Bowl.   My husband doesn’t get why I like the show so much.  But, then again, I spent the whole afternoon watching some Scott Bakula Star Trek sequel.  I don’t get that, either.


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