Country Girl


I ended my last post by mentioning that I walked from Palafrugell to the coast.  I have not done so much walking in a while!  Palafrugell is a good-sized city – there are around 23,000 year-around inhabitants.  Most of the Costa Brava is dedicated to the tourist trade – with the range of cities varying from really tourist trap tacky to very nice.  The former usually have very tall high-rises consacrated as time shares or rentals to German, British, and French tourists.  They do not, however, have a large population until summer hits.

There is a two laned boulevard that takes you from the edge of Palafrugell to a crossroads, where you can choose to go right to Calella de Palafrugell or left to Llafranc.  When I reached the crossroads, I decided to go straight, hoping for a shortcut to the ocean.  After encountering one dead-end dominated by a hotel, I quickly found a great path that goes along the sea from Calella to Llafranc.  I will post photos later.  The weather was quite mild, so I made it all the way to the Hotel Llafranc, where my husband went for coffee that morning with Alejandro.

I sat down to rest and have a glass of cava, and took a picture of the large black and white photograph of the owners’ father (nicknamed El Gitano – the gypsy) and his friend Salvador Dali.  He is dead now, and his sons run the hotel.  Alejandro says that there are some pretty wild stories about El Gitano, Dali, and their cronies in the day – I’ll bet!

I managed to make it back home before darkness fell, but I was tired!  On Wednesday, I was scheduled to go into Barcelona and visit a school north of there.  On Thursday, I was booked to visit the classroom of a nearby high school taught by a friend of Alejandro’s.  I will write more about my day in Barcelona in my next post.


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