Calendars for Sale!


I have two new calendars for sale on CafePress – that will make 5 in all!  My first two calendars were made on the smaller format (8 1/2″ by 11″ spiral that fomcloteriacalendar2.jpglds out to 11″ by 17″ when open).  One was of my first Loteria images – Loteria Celeste and the other was a collection of my collages.

I think that it was last year, but CafePress then offered different sizes.  My preferred size now is the 11″ by 17″ full length vertical calendar.  Last year, I compiled 12 of my Loteria Quilt digital collages on a background of patchwork squares.  This year, I have 12 more of those (I think the only repeat is La Corona) collages on a background of Loteria cards.  I used Adobe Photoshop gradients to alter the colors of the backgrounds to coordinate with the cards.

I also made a calendar of my Milagros designs.  They are also digital collages made from tin heart ornament designs.  Since they were already on a square background, that was fairly easy to make.  I spent a lot of time designing the covers to these calendars and have ordered some for gifts.  I am really hamilagroscalendar.jpgppy with the way they came out!

Now I wish that CafePress would offer a mini calendar format so that I could order some as promos.  You know, like those Hallmark calendars they used to give out every year.  That would be cool!

Other than that, I got in a car accident on Thursday night.  I was almost to my exit on 85 North when someone rear-ended my car, sending me flying into the car in front of me.  The impact made my tape deck (installed post purchase of the car) fly out of its socket!  I am okay, and am still waiting to hear from the other party’s insurance company.  I even was able to drive to school the next morning – though I was mighty tempted to take the day off!

My husband is in North Carolina this weekend, so I am living a wild existence.  Sour cream and onion dip with Ruffles and a glass of wine while watching House on DVD – woo hoo!  While I watched TV I began to coordinate pen pals for my 126 students to write to this semester.  I have schools lined up from France, Burkina Faso, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The organization is very time consuming.  One of the schools in France, for example, would like to correspond with Spanish speaking students, so I made a separate chart of all of those.  I have about 46 that I am pretty sure speak Spanish, 3 that are from Brazil (they may think that’s close enough!), and two that are of Hispanic origin but don’t speak Spanish.  Then, I had a school from France where the students are 6th graders.  For that, I looked through my 7th graders for the youngest I could find (around 13 years old) to write to those students.  I sent a list of 20 students to a school in Burkina Faso – but some of those students may be too old.  I have 32 left over, and they will either write to a school in Martinique or Guadeloupe.

Then, I stayed up until 2:30 making new seating charts for this semester’s classes.  I’m a wild one, I tell you!  I am also making yogurt with the new yogurt maker I got for Christmas.


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  1. I have had difficulty finding a way to contact you. Cafepress said the only way to place an order for an item not currently available on their site was to contact you directly so that you could make it available on their site. I purchased a Jr. Ringer T-shirt in Pink/Salmon last year with the loteria design on the front (example of design #179368940 at I would like to purchase another one just like it but in extra large. It appears you have this design available on all other types of apparel except the Jr. Ringer T. Could you please make it available again? I really like your design and love the styling of the Jr. Ringer T. Please let me know.
    Thank you.

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