Update on the “House”


I have gotten most of my house cleaned – the living room, the dining room (including rolling up the oriental carpet and turning it around), and our bedroom.  I spent most of yesterday dusting my bedroom and doing 5 loads of clothes while watching “House”.  I am on Season 3 now and am almost caught up.

If you could wrap Anthony Bourdain and Hugh Laurie up into one big bundle, that would be my ideal man right now.  Yes, I know that says a lot about my taste in men…  Yikes!

I went to see Juno a couple of days ago – it was the perfect movie for a rainy day.  Very funny and very unpredictable.  I went by myself – I had a coupon for a free small popcorn that I upgraded to large.  I do not necessarily plan on eating two large buckets of popcorn.  It’s just that the quality of the popcorn can often be unpredictable.  If I get a stale batch or popcorn that I don’t deem worth the money, I just dump that out and go back for my free refill – specifying that I want a really good batch this time.

I also went to see Walk Hard (with my  husband) last night in lieu of doing anything too strenuous for New Years’ Eve.  It was a predictable film.  My mother had warned me ahead of time of the gratuitous frontal male nudity.  It was really not necessary – but who am I to give advise to people who make lots of money making stupid films.  They obviously know more than I do.  I was happy to see Jenna Fischer from the “The Office” playing a successful movie role, however.

I brought my popcorn bag home with me with the hopes that their free refill would be good today when I go to see Enchanted again with my mom.  I know, I have a popcorn problem – which is why I don’t go to the movies so much.  That, and the $10 ticket price! But I promised Mom I would go because I went to see Enchanted without her the first time.  Bad daughter!

While we are at the movies, my husband is going to spend some time at my mother’s condo with our dog, Lupita.  He would like to try and find some way to make it so that Mom can keep Lupe while we are in Spain.  She tried to keep her while we were in Mexico, but got too many complaints about Lupita barking when left alone in the condo while Mom worked and pursued her busy social life.  I think it is a waste of time and am already prepared to fork over the $200+ to keep her at Man’s Best Friend for the 10 days we are away.  I checked out all sorts of possibilities – like Mom leaving her in Doggie Day Care while she is at work.  But all of the boarding places and doggy day care places near where she lives or works would cost just as much as paying for 10 days boarding at MBF.

Okay, time to get up and eat and fold the last load of clothes.


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