Sleeping ’til Noon


So far, I honestly believe that I have not risen until noon or afterward this whole week.  Yes, I have gotten up momentarily (to feed the dog and let her out when I could not bully my husband into doing it, to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, etc.) but I have pretty much gone back to bed after that.  Yesterday was an exception:  I woke up at 7:30 to accompany my husband to the mechanic to drop his car off for servicing.  After breakfast at the Waffle House, we returned home and I went back to bed until sausage/waffle acid reflux woke me up again – then it was time to pick up the car again!

I like to think that I am getting a little bit done when I am awake – I really am a night owl at heart.  But, then again, I am on vacation – right?  In my head, I make detailed plans – like for cleaning the house.  I mentally divide up the house into 7 sections and alot one day per section.  Here’s how it goes:

  • Day One:  Master Bedroom and Bathroom – don’t know if that includes washing and folding clothes yet.  Ii just recently got rid of a lot of clothes, so that should help.
  • Day Two:  Living Room – I have a LOT of stuff in there, as I often drag craft projects up to be more companionable and not stay sequestered in my studio.
  • Day Three:  The Dining Room – we will never have a bare dining room table, but now it is time to clean off the current detritus and make room for more – there’s also the oriental rug that needs to be turned and re-positioned.  This involves moving the table an chairs out, of course.
  • Day Four:  The Kitchen – I generally try and keep the kitchen clean, despite my husband’s tendency to park dishes right above the empty dishwasher and to never throw his empty cans in the trash.  But, I can re-arrange stuff in the fridge and pantry.  I can also clean the half-bath where we feed the dog – she is a very sloppy drinker.
  • Day Five:  My Husband’s Office – if he will let me help him…  Generally, he likes for me just to be nearby while he tears his hair out and wonders aloud how it got to be such a mess.  He is in charge of cleaning his own bathroom.
  • Days Six and Seven:  My bottom floor of the house.  This includes my studio, the entry way (a spill-over area between the garage and my office), the garage (a huge mess since – well, always – but especially since my husband moved a couple of shelves to make way for plumbing work), and the guest bathroom (the sink is going to be permanently stained with paint, but I try to clean anyway).

I did the living room yesterday, so that leaves six more days.  Onward, I say!  I have finally finished my four-volume Larry McMurtry saga – the Berrybender Narratives, so I have to find another book on CD.  Alternately, there is my new Jesus Christ Superstar Original Recording CD and Season 3 of House to keep me company.  I know that I will feel better once I have gotten this all done – hey, I may even have some people over.  Who knows?


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