More Milagros


I have been having a great time with my new milagro designs.  I can work on theguadaluperedmilagrotshirt.jpgm  from my laptop computer once I have uploaded the templates.  I have a fair store of scans of fabric and papers from my vast collection, and those are what I use to “color” the images.  I am trying to collect more texturized colors – what quilters call a “palette” instead of just using patterns.  This makes the designs a little more clear, I think.  To the rightpink-guadalupe-onesie.jpg is my Red Guadalupe Milagro – part of a series of milagros using some Virgin of Guadalupe fabric panels I bought a while ago.  To the left is a Pink Guadalupe Milagro on a baby’s onesie.  Cute, huh?  I have already ordered a t-shirt with that one.

I had a pretty good week this week.  I have taken to calling parents from the classroom on my cell phone and having them talk to their children… a tactic that I used in ESOL classes.  Frankly, I will forget to call if I put it off.  I certainly don’t want to do it on my own time.  One call still resulted in an office referral when the boy walked back in the room, handed me my phone, and announced, “Well, that was a waste of my mother’s cell phone minutes.”  Funny man gets to go to In School Suspension.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I am trying to get the courage up to have my students do a PowerPoint project just before Christmas.  Advent calendars are very European – German in origin, actually.  I found an Advent Calendar Power Point Template here – you need to look  under the second section , right-hand column.  It says “Advent Calendar Template (Deb Cadman) PPT.”  I am going to play around with it this weekend and see if it easy enough for most of my students to do.  As insurance, I may put them into groups of two.

Now, when I mentioned this to the other French teacher, she said that she had gotten so much guff about teaching anything to do with religion -even as a cultural aspect – that she has given up.  Well, that is ridiculous.  The lesson has very little to do with preaching Catholicism – it is mostly a vehicle for a technology lesson.  I plan on having my students find a series of items about French Culture – monuments, cities, recipes, trivia, songs, etc.  I don’t know if I will make it a list of items, or if I will assign themes to certain groups.  More later.

I am waiting for my husband to finish getting ready – we are going to an afternoon matinée of the Nutcracker.  The daughter of our Colombian friends is playing the little girl – I don’t think she is going to do much dancing, but it is an honor, apparently, to play this role.  I have never seen the Nutcracker performed before – it should be


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